“Well Begun is Half Done”   – Artistotle (& Mary Poppins)

Congratulations!  Taking the first steps to engage a financial professional to discuss your lifetime financial goals can be challenging- but you have begun.  It takes time and without doubt you are very busy.  That said, it is incredibly important to you and your family to know that you are taking steps today to get started on an essential part of your lifetime goals.

Our work is dedicated to providing our clients with financial peace of mind so that they can pursue what brings joy to their lives.

The following steps may assist you and Bode Financial Group, LTD to start the conversation.

Step 1:

bode_0000_Website Review 2Please complete and return the Confidential Questionnaire to  ClientServices@BodeFinancialGroup.com

Please let us know the best way to contact you.


Step 2:

Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire we will contact you to follow up on the information and any questions that you have. At that time, our office will schedule a time for us to discuss your goals, financial objectives, related concerns, and potential planning strategies.

Step 3:

After our conversation, we will prepare a brief summary (may be oral or written) of our recommendations as to potential fit of an on-going relationship. Our preliminary information gathering, as well as planning discussion is complimentary.

Step 4:

Upon engagement, Bode Financial Group, LTD will ask you to complete a more detailed questionnaire of what your goals with: (guaranteed retirement income, market risk minimization strategies, age-appropriate education funding, legacy planning, and more) and we will get started working with you to assist you in achieving your goals.

Thank you for your trust. Please be assured and any and all discussions are strictly confidential. We look forward to talking with you.

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