How can I be sure I will not outlive my assets/income?
Having enough money to provide a consistent retirement income can be an overwhelming concern of many clients. Whether you are just starting to plan, getting ready to retire, or already enjoying retirement, we develop a strategy designed to help you retire comfortably, with the confidence you will not outlive your assets.
How do I know what I need to save in order to retire?
The ultimate goal is to implement a retirement income plan that will provide you the income to live comfortably throughout your life. We will help you determine your current situation, goals, and where you want to be during retirement. Our personalized retirement strategies are designed to take you beyond the accumulation phase and into retirement.
How can I help my children and grandchildren go to college?
College is a big investment, but there are strategies to help reduce the cost and make it more affordable. It’s never too late to start planning! At Bode Financial Group, LTD, we help you determine and understand which education funding strategy is best suited to help make college more affordable for you and your family.
How can I protect my family if something happens to me?
It is important that you prepare both emotionally and financially for the inevitable time when you are not around. We can help you pass on the fruits of your hard work, savings and strategic financial planning – leaving your beneficiaries an inheritance instead of a tax bill.
What can I do to minimize taxes on my savings and investments?
Understanding our tax system and how it impacts investing and planning is one of the most confusing elements today. Knowing how an investment is taxed is crucial to determining if that investment is right for you. Tom’s taxation experience with Price Waterhouse – Milwaukee and Chicago provides him with deep knowledge of taxation strategies. He helps take the mystery out of tax planning by providing comprehensive solutions customized to fit your evolving needs.
What will my legacy be to my family and how can I plan for this?
The legacy you leave behind is important to you and your loved ones. No matter what stage of life or financial planning that you are currently in we want to be there for you. We work with clients of all ages and in all stages of life to ensure that your legacy is passed along to your children and grandchildren just as you want. Whether your goal is to reduce the size of your estate, and therefore its associated taxes, or to support your cherished loved ones and nonprofits through non-taxable gifts, Tom’s experience as a CPA will allow him to help you make the most of your giving and minimize your tax exposure.
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