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With more than 25 years of experience, Bode Financial Group, LTD is a Wisconsin-based, full service, and independent financial services firm founded in 1994 by Thomas L. Bode. At Bode Financial Group, LTD, our focus is to help clients clarify and implement comprehensive plans to reach their unique financial goals.

Why use a CPA for financial planning?

Licensed CPAs have long been considered the standard for financial knowledge, objectivity and integrity, prepared to handle the most demanding tax situations.  Their extensive training also provides a solid foundation for financial planning.  In fact, licensed CPAs have an unparalleled understanding of how to help clients benefit from today’s complex decisions about taxes, retirement, estate planning, investments and insurance.  Anyone planning their financial future will sleep better knowing their plan is CPA Strong.

Getting to Know You

Our team begins our conversation with you by getting to know you and your family, understanding your goals, talking with you about our recommendations, and then applying comprehensive financial strategies to achieve those goals. We strongly believe that building trust through long-term relationships, rather than individual transactions, is an essential part of our role as your trusted financial advisor. We partner with you to develop unique and personalized strategies best suited for your specific goals, resources, and objectives.

The Value of Independence

As an independent firm, we are not affiliated with any investment or insurance companies, and are truly objective in the advice we give and the products we recommend.  We are not influenced by recommendations or requirements from insurance companies, banks, or trust companies, where conflicts of interest can arise. We strive to provide exceptional customer service – you can be assured that by placing your trust in us, we take that commitment to service very seriously. We are proud that our values are shared with our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge). Together, we focus on a common priority – you.

Bringing it all Together

Well researched, strategically executed, and comprehensive financial plans integrate almost every aspect of your life. Our extensive knowledge and experience working closely with attorneys, accountants, and other skilled professionals enables us to facilitate an appropriate strategy to achieve your goals. This may include retirement planning to assure you can maintain your quality of life into retirement, estate plans and gifting to protect your legacy, setting aside money for your children’s or grandchildren’s education funding, protecting your assets with appropriate insurance and other planning needs.

Experience, Trust, and Commitment

At Bode Financial Group, LTD, we pride ourselves on our long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients.  As a trusted firm, we are committed to placing your interests first, developing plans tailor made to fit you and your family, keeping you updated, and revising your plan along the way so you can focus on the people and activities that bring joy to your life.

Our personalized strategies are built around your goals, resources, and objectives so you can have the confidence that your investments will take you beyond the accumulation phase and into retirement.

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